MOVES: The Sound Of UK Afrobeats is the first official compilation bringing together the new urban fusion genre - the sound of now. Whether you call it UK afrobeats, afro bashment, afro swing, afrowave, afro trap, or anything else, it is the new sound dominating the airwaves and the streets, blending the vibes, beats and energies of Africa, the Caribbean and the ends to create something totally new and unique. In association with MOVES, artist, DJ and producer Afro B curated the compilation, bringing together 21 exclusive tracks including Belly Squad’s afrobeats banger ‘Banana Remix’, Harlem Spartans’ x Naira Marley’s road anthem ‘Money On The Road’ and Afro B’s own ‘Lover’. MOVES: The Sound Of UK Afrobeats is available digitally now.